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PETITION TARGET: Dallas City Council

Surrounded by cars, inhaling exhaust, forced to haul heavy loads for hours on hard concrete, and working in temperatures of up to 99 degrees with water breaks mandated only every two hours — this is the brutal reality horses forced to pull carriages in Dallas, Texas face under current city ordinances.

Dallas City Council is considering banning horse-drawn carriages following advocacy from residents concerned about the welfare of horses forced to work.

Banning this cruel practice would save horses in Dallas from dangerous hard labor in unnatural conditions and surroundings. 

While some city council members have expressed concern that horse-drawn carriages are inhumane, City Council member Paul Ridley voiced a different opinion.

“These horses have a purpose in life and that’s to work,” Ridley said.

Lady Freethinker does not condone forcing animals to “work” or exploiting animals for “entertainment” or “tradition.”

Several other major cities, like Chicago and Salt Lake City, have banned the inhumane practice out of concern for both horse and human safety. Humane alternatives exist.

Horses deserve better than a miserable life of hard labor in dangerous conditions.

Sign our petition to urge Dallas City Council to pass a ban on horse-drawn carriages to stop horses from suffering and prevent any tragic disasters.