The internet has gone wild over a beautiful German Shepherd named Sarge who helps save orphaned wild animals in Ohio.

The wonderful story, which shows just how caring our four-legged friends can be, surfaced after the “We Rate Dogs” Twitter account posted photos of Sarge with some of the baby deers he helped rescue to their nearly 9 million followers.

dog and deer

Sarge and a deer relaxing together (Image Credit: @buckys_porch/Instagram)

“This is Sarge. He helps save injured and orphaned wildlife in his area,” the post reads. “I’m told he loves all animals but gets the most attached to fawns.”

The four images show Sarge snuggled up with one of his friends, out in a field keeping an eye on a tiny and unsteady-looking fawn, sharing a meal with a baby deer, and hanging out with two older fawns in their cozy home.

Sarge investigating a fawn’s lunch (Image Credit: @buckys_porch/Instagram)

Sarge lives at Bucky’s Porch and happily welcomes all the orphaned animals when they are rescued from abuse, forest fires, deforestation and hunting.

Sarge and a fawn enjoying the outdoors (Image Credit: @buckys_porch/Instagram)