Puppies Thrown From Car Window Get Adopted By A Dog Who Just Lost Her Own Puppy

Cruelly hurled from a car window, six puppies were in desperate need of some love and tenderness.

Luckily for them, they were put in the doting paws of Blossom, who had just tragically lost her own puppy.

Ready to give some much-needed nurturing, Blossom immediately began licking the pups clean and providing food for them. Thank you, kind rescuers atĀ Westie & Scottie Rescue HoustonĀ — and thank you, Blossom, for caring for these abused puppies as though they were your own!

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  1. Juliette

    Oh my God, how can someone throw living creatures from the window of a moving vehicle (I don’t know about you, but I was raised to not throw ANYTHING out a window)! How could anyone be so cruel, vile and disgusting!! Why are humans so evil? Perhaps if their mother had hurled them from a window when they were babies they wouldn’t have been here to do this…

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    • Dani

      LOL! Love this! I’m sorry, but what you said at the end, about throwing that vile “person” out the window when they were a baby, had me rolling! IKR?! They deserve the same I think.:)

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  2. Marifel malacara

    I love happy endings and am so grateful for people and organizations committed to helping rescue these poor animals. They deserve only the best and all the love.
    These cruel and heartless people must be punished and be given the same treatment as they have given to these pets. These ignorant and low life people deserve to die!!!!

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  3. Drew Guyett

    I hope in gods name that they catch the bastard who did this and throw them out of a fast moving car.

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    • Jutta Musselwhite

      The laws must become stricter. Throwing puppies out of a car window should count as attempted murder and if they die as murder. Because that is what it is!

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  4. Terresa de Villiers

    Why do people throw out cats, dogs, kittens and puppies out of moving or standing car windows!!

    They can stop and put them down somewhere on the pavement and leave.

    Maybe then they cannot ride off so quickly if someone spots them, but if one wants to do something illegal, one would normally do it in the dark or where it is quiet, so this tells me this is really brainless and heartless idiots.

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  5. Julie Fowles

    I hope they catch the scum who chucked these gorgeous pups out of a car window ,why the hell would any person do such a terrible thing ,I’m sick of saying why can’t ppl just take them to animal shelters it’s not rocket science is it ,but this lovely little sweet dog called blossom stepped in an saved these little puppies thank god xx

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