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PETITION TARGET: Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai

In China’s horrific dog and cat meat trade, innocent animals  — many still wearing their collars — are stolen from their families and crammed into trucks and vans, where they’re forced into wire crates and transported to slaughterhouses. These family pets, who should be cuddled up in their caretakers’ laps, aren then bludgeoned, sliced open with butcher knives, and boiled or torched — sometimes while still alive. 

At the Yulin Dog Meat Festival — a grisly annual celebration of the summer solstice — thousands of dogs are slaughtered, carved up and eaten on the streets. And tragically, this is just one event among an entire industry of dog and cat slaughter in China, where an estimated 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are killed for their meat every year.

The Chinese government has made tremendous, positive strides over the last few months, with two cities banning dog meat and the removal of dogs from the national livestock list.

The culture in China is changing, and it’s time for real change. Most Chinese citizens do not eat dog or cat meat, and more and more Chinese activists are speaking out against this horrifying cruelty.

Sign this petition to urge the Chinese Ambassador to the United States to push China to explicitly ban all human consumption of dog and cat meat throughout the country, strictly enforce its new laws and regulations, and shut down the barbaric and hazardous Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

UPDATE MAY 29, 2020: China has officially removed dogs from the list of “livestock,” or animals that may be commercially bred, transported and sold for food. This is a tremendous step forward, though China has still not banned dog or cat meat outright. We commend their great progress, and urge them to enact — and enforce — a permanent, nationwide ban against all dog and cat meat.

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