It is now the Chinese year of the dog -- let's finally end the cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Imagine your cherished companion stolen from home, packed onto a cramped, filthy transport truck, and shipped to a slaughterhouse to be beaten, sliced open, and boiled alive.

This is the reality for far too many innocent animals in China, where family pets and strays are kidnapped from home or darted with poison on the streets, then sold off in the gruesome dog and cat meat trade.

At the Yulin Dog Meat Festival alone -- a grisly celebration of the summer solstice each June -- up to 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and carved up on the streets. They may be beaten, electrocuted or torched alive in the sadistic belief that suffering makes their flesh taste better.

But Yulin is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout China, an estimated 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are killed for meat every year. It's time to stop the horror.

Sign this petition to urge the Chinese government to end the cruelty by banning dog and cat meat and passing an animal protection law that will prohibit the abuse of all animals in China.

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