In a shockingly violent act of cruelty, a man in Indianapolis, Indiana savagely pistol-whipped a 4-month-old puppy named Halsey, smashing her tooth. The reason? The innocent puppy peed on the floor. He then continued to beat her to a pulp in repeated violent incidents.

By the time police found Halsey, she was barely conscious and suffered multiple skull fractures and a broken jaw, rib, and forearm. Her front leg was snapped in two.

The attacker was identified as Lemontrae Bible; his girlfriend had recently gotten the poor puppy as a gift to her daughter.

"She sat like this for days, with no help or pain relief before she was found and rescued,” said Every Dog Counts, the group caring for Halsey, on their Facebook page.

Halsey was put on a feeding tube, underwent surgery and now requires intensive medical care. Her attacker was arrested, but with bond set at a pitifully low $500, it is clear that the courts are not treating this case with the severity it deserves.

Sign this petition urging the Marion County prosecutor's office to prosecute Lemontrae Bible to the fullest extent of the law -- and enact a lifetime ban on him ever being in the vicinity of an animal again.

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