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Maple Valley Police Department Chief of Police DJ Nesel
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PETITION TARGET: Maple Valley Police Department Chief of Police DJ Nesel

UPDATE (6/9/2022):  Unfortunately, authorities weren’t able to connect anyone to this case, which has since been closed, according to Lead Animal Control Sergeant Tim Anderson. Animal control will hold onto any evidence and documentation of the horrific scene in case they are able to identify a suspect in the future, Anderson said. Although we’re disappointed no one was held accountable for this atrocious act, we thank everyone who signed our petition demanding an investigation, and we will continue to do all we can to help animals. –Lady Freethinker Staff


A starved horse was found outside of a home in Maple Valley, Washington. Every single rib was protruding from the horse’s sunken frame, and its thin legs could barely support its fragile body.

Veterinarians provided emergency care, but it was too late. The 20-year-old horse died just days after rescue.

The horse’s guardians neglected, abused and abandoned this beautiful creature. It is incredibly cruel to let a horse slowly and painfully waste away to skin and bones.

We must demand justice for this innocent horse and put every effort into finding the offenders. 

Sign the petition urging Chief of Police Nesel to assist RASKC officials in finding those responsible and ensure no other animals suffer the same fate in their hands.

If you have information that may aid in this investigation, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) officials ask you to call (206) 296-7387 or email [email protected].