This Michigan-based fire department is helping their community in more ways than one. Aside from risking their lives to fight fires and protect human citizens, they’re also helping their furry friends in need.

When Bluebell, a rescue dog from the Humane Society needed a place to stay before and after her leg surgery, the Dearborn Heights Firemen were the first to volunteer.

The six-month old blue heeler was quickly accepted into the department. To make sure she stays safe when they need to rush off to stop a fire, the firemen are training Bluebell to go to her crate when the alarm goes off by walking her there and giving her a treat.

Bluebell was born with a malformed leg and has to have surgery to help her walk. Luckily, the firefighters are at the building around the clock to keep an eye on her as she recovers.

It looks like the firefighters are getting some help from their new friend, as well. Bluebell provides a source of entertainment and a welcoming smile when they return from a call.

Right now, the fire department is just fostering Bluebell. Although after she recovers from her surgery someone else might adopt her through the humane society, it’s easy to see the firefighters have already fallen in love with her. Who knows, she might end up staying at the fire station or go home with one of her new friends!