Keystone Pipeline Leaks Biggest Oil Spill in South Dakota’s History

Keystone Pipeline Leaks Biggest Oil Spill in South Dakota’s History

Early Thursday morning, an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil leaked from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota. It was the largest spill in the state’s history and ranks in the top twenty oil spills in the United States since 2010.

The oil leak happened close to the North Dakota border, about 30 miles from the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Lake Traverse Indian Reservation. The environmental impacts of the spill are still under investigation, but its magnitude has caused dire concern with the local Native American community.

A South Dakota environmental official played down the leak, claiming it was not substantial and that since it was in a rural area, the situation is “very positive.” TransCanada Corp stated that the leak was “controlled and there is no threat to public safety.”

We have one Earth. One landbase. Willingness to deface, destroy, and devalue it is systemic.  This massive spill and its response puts that on display yet again.

Faith Spotted Eagle, an activist and member of the Yankton Sioux Nation responded to the spill with the sage words, “Everywhere on Mother Earth is not remote, it is all connected to the entire ecosystem.”

Yet in the wake of this massive spill, another large pipeline remains up for debate: Keystone XL. On Monday, Nebraska regulators returned an ambiguous decision. They rejected TransCanada Corp’s preferred route for the pipeline, but approved an alternate path for the project.

TransCanada Corp has not stated whether they will continue with the project. Nebraska regulators could not take pipeline safety or possible leaks into their decision, but the historic 5,000-barrel spill could not have cast a positive light on crude oil pipeline projects.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the number of significant pipeline incidents grew nearly 30% from 2006 to 2015. Nearly 9 million gallons of crude oil has spilled from pipelines since 2010.


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  1. Leanne

    Is Trans Canada going to pay for the clean up of this massive spill?

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  2. d

    EvilAsSh*tlical racistlican kkkristianazis only care about texa-holeco making another billion for billionaires, building pipelines nobody, including them will want or need in ten years on an obsolete energy technology, while they figure out a way to stick the 99% with yet another bill for their cleanup.

    Another Merry BigotSh*tMyth from the BABY RAPING RACISTS! May they all BURN IN HELL for all eternity!!

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  3. Debbie

    The oil industry is run by drunken degenerate scum, they are always in the pub getting pissed. They steal our money and piss the money down the toilet and destroy precious land and everything that lives in and alongside it.

    This is why folk did not want the pipeline because spillages always happen – they are too dumb to do anything properly. All they care about is making billions of $s and poisoning land. Disrespectful low life curry eating drunkards. People with a brain did not want the bloody unnecessary pipelines because of the devastation they cause and the only winners are the brain dead greedy money stealers and the fraudster parasite banks that should be shut down.

    They should not have built the pipeline in the first place. I hope they are forced to discontinue. They are land destroying criminals who do as they please and get away with it.

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  4. linda

    When is government ever gonna get it. Even if the spill does get cleaned up The oil will seep into the ground and even more so when it rains. The oil will travel underground with no stopping it. Table his turn will leave the underground unusable for any kind of farming for miles around. Never mind that all that space will be pollutant for all the wildlife that will come in contact with it. No matter how good you think about saying that the original leak was under control and we all know that a small leak will develop into a bigger leak especially since maintenance was never really kept up. We also know that the pipes are as cheap as possible and there again for the almighty dollar and greed. Government needs too wake up and stop destroying our land we have so little left and that will be added to the devastation list that government has created for us to all live with. And who is gonna be responsible for the cleanup. Gover. should be responsible and I mean out of there own pockets.

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