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PETITION TARGET: London North Crown Prosecution Services

In shocking video footage, a man was seen beating an innocent dog over the head with a metal gardening spade.

A neighbor reportedly witnessed this abuse, recorded the horrific incident, and immediately called the police, according to Daily Mail. Officers rescued the injured dog, believed to be a puppy approximately 8 months old and rushed him to treatment at a local animal hospital.

The dog, believed to be an American XL Bully, is one of the many recent victims of abuse this breed is facing after the government placed them on the banned breeds list.

“Because [XL Bullies] are on the banned list, people are getting rid of them and this is where they’re ending up,” Seval Hassan, a volunteer who responded to the incident, according to The Standard. “There are loads more like him out there.”

The dog is being treated for facial injuries and will be adopted to a new home, while the accused perpetrator has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

Sign the petition to urge the London North Crown Prosecution Services to prosecute the individual(s) responsible for this abuse to the fullest extent of the law, including calling for a lifelong ban on having animals.