Join others across the country Monday, January 9, to take action against President Elect Trump’s cabinet picks. Day Against Denial,, and other organizers are asking citizens to come together and let their representatives know we do not support climate deniers and fossil fuel advocates in the upcoming administration.
Assessments in the senate for the cabinet picks begin this upcoming week. As lawmakers begin to scrutinize and ask questions, it is crucial for the citizens they represent to sound their voices.
Take part in rallies, write emails, make phone calls. Day Against Denial has provided demonstration toolkits to help activists. Join scores of others tomorrow to send the message to that not everyone supports Trump’s picks
Trump’s Team
Far from draining the swamp as promised, Trump has chosen executives and longtime politicians to lead his cabinet. Many have stark philosophical differences than the missions of the agencies they would run.
Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, for Secretary of State
Clear ties to the fossil fuel industry and questionable business connections with Russia.
Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator
Currently Attorney General for Oklahoma, a gas and oil focused state. Pruitt has spent much of his time fighting against the EPA and environmental regulations.
Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, for Secretary of Energy
With past promises to do away with the Department of Energy, Rick Perry is a curious choice to lead it.
Rep. Ryan Zinke for Department of Interior
Though Zinke claims to be an advocate for the environment, his pro-environmental voting record was given only 3% by the League of Conservation Voters.
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