Dog Stuck to the Ground by Hot Tar Makes Amazing Transformation

Dottie was in terrible shape when rescuers found her. Stuck in hot, sticky tar, she was trapped in one spot, barely able to move, let alone reach food or water.

But kind, patient people pulled her gently from the tar and gave her much-needed medical attention. Battered, malnourished and suffering from heartworm, Dottie’s condition led rescuers to believe she had been used as a bait dog for cruel dogfighters.

But Dottie is a survivor. Cleaned up and nursed back to health, she looks like a whole new dog.

One thing, however, is still missing from her life — a forever home. Dottie is now ready to be adopted; for more information, visit Second Chance Rescue in New York, NY.

Video via The Dodo

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  1. Deb galarneau

    Thanking for honorable humanitarians .
    the world needs more of us to help no matter what the cost. without stepping in when u know you should have it all comes back on our souls. psy 101.

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  2. leanne

    A big thankyou to those people who rescued Dottie from that awful hot tar situation. Those bastards that her there should be stuck in hot ytar themselves and left there.

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  3. Denise gulish

    This animal cruelty must stop immediately! We need much harsher penalties for the offenders. Just because they are animals doesn’t make the crime any less. If you can inflict this cruelty on an animal – you can do the same to a human as well! This just speaks to the type of society we live in now a days. There are people in prison for far less offenses or offenses that did not involve hurting anything or anyone. These so called people who inflict such torture on an innocent animal need to be prisoned and treated the same way! Thank God there are those out there who stand up for these injustices and those who step up to help these poor creatures. Thank you!!!

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