Meet the Cow Who Broke Out of the Slaughterhouse and Found Freedom

Meet the Cow Who Broke Out of the Slaughterhouse and Found Freedom

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A young cow which fled an abattoir to avoid being slaughtered has been saved by well-wishers, a French group announced on Saturday.
The heifer made a last-ditch effort to save her life at an abattoir near Ambert, southeastern France, on June 30.

The desperate animal rampaged through the building and got outside, taking refuge in the grounds of a nearby hospital.

She was tranquilised with a dart gun — a move that gave her a stay of execution because the drug made her meat unfit for consumption.

Dubbed “Cornette” (Little Horn) and “The Cow Which Refused To Die,” she became an Internet celebrity.

Stephane Lamart, who runs an group, joined with a French singer and actress, Stone, to raise money to save her.

“This cow is a symbol,” Lamart told AFP.

“It shows that animals do have emotions and consciousness, and can feel stress and sense the smell of death. We wanted to give her a second chance.”

Well-wishers paid Cornette’s owner 1,500 euros (about 5.9 million Ugandan shillings), plus another500 euros (about sh1.9m) to transport her to the Paris area.

Cornette — now pregnant — will spend the rest of her life with her calf at a farm in Montmagny, nearParis, which teaches urban schoolchildren about rural life

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  1. lynette mayo

    It’s well know that cows are highly intelligent like pigs are also. They are often photographed on the moving platform to slaughter having tears rolling downs their cheeks. They often seen picking the locks of barns some are in and letting themselves out into the field. We are a disgusting species, mankind. Why, if these animals are giving their bodies to us, WHY, WHY do we have to TORTURE THEM THEIR ENTIRE LIVES TOO !!

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