Walter Palmer, the man who killed the beloved Cecil the Lion and sparked worldwide outrage, has returned to work at his dental practice after 6 weeks of hiding. In his very first interview since the incident, Palmer has admitted to no wrongdoing, stating, “I need to get back to treating my patients. My staff and my patients support me, and they want me back. That’s why I’m back. I’ll be coming back this week.”

He claims that he and his hunting group had no idea that Cecil was such a popular animal, and that he couldn’t see the tracking collar in the darkness of the night. Not that seeing the collar would necessarily have stopped him — Palmer was quick to point out that killing a collared lion is not against the law.

Palmer also claimed that he wasn’t really hiding out, as the media said, but merely spending time with friends and family.

His words were carefully chosen — and an attorney as well as Palmer’s PR consultant were present for the entire interview, which Palmer stated is the only interview he intends to give.

Watch the video for more details: