Carrots, a beautiful blind therapy cat, is no longer allowed to visit patients at Bradford’s Marie Curie Hospice due to coronavirus concerns, so he is “writing” to them instead!

The gorgeous ginger and white kitty had the crucial job of bringing joy and peace to his friends in hospice for the last year. But now, Katie Lloyd, Carrots’ guardian and founder of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, is unable to take him for his bi-weekly visits to comfort patients.

This hasn’t stopped Carrots from making an impact on their lives, though. He now cheers up the hospice residents with letters that Katie writes on his behalf, signed with his name and a paw print.

“Like many of us, Carrots really didn’t fancy the idea of social distancing,” Lloyd said. “However, being the sensible lad he is, he’s finding other ways to positively cheer people up and try to break the loneliness and isolation in his own little way.”

“There are lots of sad things going on in the world currently and I am not seeing much of my friends and family,” one of the letters reads, “so I thought I would write to my friends instead.”

The blind therapy cat Carrots writes letters to patients he can no longer visit. Learn more at Lady Freethinker.

One of Carrots the cat’s letters to a patient at the Marie Curie Hospice (Image Credit: Marie Curie/Facebook)

According to Emily Clark, the fundraising and engagement lead at the Marie Curie Hospice, all the staff and patients look forward to Katie and Carrots’ letters.

“It is so kind of Katie to be writing letters to us all during these difficult times, which mean she can’t visit us in person,” said Clark. “We also hope that in the coming days Carrots will be able to FaceTime some of our patients and bring a smile to their faces … These messages from Katie and Carrots are just what we need to lift all our spirits.”

Keep spreading joy, Carrots and Katie.