Jia Haixia was born with congenital cataracts in one eye, and lost sight in his other eye in 2000 in a work-related accident rendering him completely blind. Jia Wenqi lost both his arms in a childhood accident and has been a double amputee since the age of three. Alone, they are each incredible beings who want to live life to the fullest. But together, they form a dynamic duo who over the course of 10 years have planted over 10,000 trees in their homeland.

The two best friends encountered many difficulties in landing jobs due to their physical disabilities, but that didn’t stop them from trying to earn money through some other means and to be able to live a modest lifestyle. So 12 years go they decided to lease 8 acres from the local Chinese government and plant trees for future generations. During this process, they have converted a landscape of mostly rocks and weeds into lush greenery, while also preventing flooding in the village that has provided them with a small income from government funding.

Their days begin at 7am. During the workday, they scale trees, collect cuttings, and water the new saplings. They each help the other; Haixa acts as the arms and hands for the duo to climbs trees and cut boughs for new growth, and also digs holes for new plantings. Meanwhile, Wenqi serves as the sight for the team, carrying Haixia on his back across the river, and also waters the growing saplings.

Haixia and Wenqi, both 53, have received quite a bit of attention for their good deeds. Since news first circulated about the two Jia’s, there has been an outpouring of support including donations to help provide pensions for the men as they near their retirement years. Additional support from a team of healthcare professionals will also include a free operation that may allow Haixia to regain his sight in his left eye.