Sometimes, words are more powerful when put to music. And when a band can take a strong message and turn it into a melody that you just want to keep listening to over and over, that shows a special kind of talent — not to mention an effective way to get the point across.

For good of animals, the planet and our eardrums, British eco-pop band Besureis — featuring Duke Ingram, Rubin Besureis and Caroline Luxton-White — is overflowing with that talent, as evident in their newest album, Human Overload.

Not just any band can take difficult issues like orca captivity, trophy hunting and slaughterhouse cruelty and create art as beautiful as this — melancholy, yes, given the subject matter, yet truly beautiful nonetheless. Adding to the beauty is the exquisite cover art for the single Soul of Salvation, featuring band members Duke and Rubin along with an angelic Dr. Jane Goodall watching over a menagerie of exotic animals.

“Duke and Rubin have always been inspired by the beauty of our mother earth and very early on have been driven to help nature and all its creatures,” the band notes. “After Duke’s near death experience he realised the importance of life and together with Rubin they are dedicating all their focus to bringing people closer in making a positive change for us all.”

Indeed, Duke has faced more than his share of obstacles, from being abandoned as a young child to surviving the nightmarish grasp of a pedophile ring. He then went from living on the streets at the age of 14 to a Vogue supermodel by 23 — one of very few Asian men to break that barrier.

Now, Duke dedicates his life to making music with Besureis and to what the band calls “the real work:” speaking out for the voiceless and supporting the fight against abuse of animals and the environment to create “a better balanced eco-system for all, and one that truly works.”

And through it all, Dr. Jane Goodall has supported the band’s efforts as “our patron and UN messenger of peace.”

In 2018 Besureis, made history by opening the first vegan music festival in London as the opening act among other amazing bands. And they continue to collaborate with musicians, activists and nonprofits to build a united voice for justice for animals, humans and Earth.

Human Overload, along with the rest of Besureis’ music (including a free track), is available on the band’s website,

Duke Ingram, Jane Goodall, and Rubin Besureis. Lady Freethinker is bringing people together to help save animals.

Duke, Jane and Rubin