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Ashley Mansour has been a writer for the past 10 years in a variety of industries from children's entertainment to film/TV. In that time she traveled the world, working in three different countries with big teams, emerging artists, major brands, and interesting start-ups. In 2015 her first novel, Blood, Ink & Fire, a dystopian adventure featuring a world without books, was published by Upturn Publishing. Ashley currently spends her days in Southern California, where she is enjoying being back on home soil and working on her next novel.

Trump’s Sons Paid a Fortune To Slaughter Endangered Animals Why? Because Privilege.

We’ve heard a lot during this election season about privilege. What it means, who has it, and who pretends not to. Turns out privilege means “A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.” For the Trump family, it also means paying exorbitant fees to slaughter exotic and critically endangered animals. Why? Because they can, of course. Just five years ago, Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, visited Zimbabwe on a big game hunting expedition with Hunting Legends International, the safari-cum-hunting outfit that specializes in extravagant hunting experiences for the wealthy and promises both an...

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Clinton v. Sanders On The Issues

Today is Super Tuesday, a day when eleven states award delegates to Democratic and Republican candidates—delegates that will soon choose their party’s nominees at the conventions this July. It’s a big day that will help decide whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will become the democratic nominee. The race is on, but it’s not over yet. While many believe this Tuesday could be a make or break for Sanders, he’s said that he will run until all fifty states have spoken. After all, by the end of today only fifteen states out of fifty will have had their primaries....

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In Memory of Harper Lee, Who Brought Civil Rights to English Class

Nearly every American knows of acclaimed novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Harper Lee. We first met her in high school, where her landmark book on race relations in the United States, To Kill A Mockingbird, became part of our literary and civil rights education. Today, nearly every American will mourn her. She passed away peacefully last night in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama—the inspiration for the setting of Mockingbird—at the age of 89. Published in 1960, Mockingbird launched Lee to instant fame and notoriety. While she continued to write articles, essays and non-fiction, even assisting her friend Truman Capote in the...

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Michigan Passes Bill that Makes Sodomy Illegal

When is it okay for a state to intervene in the private lives of its citizens and put a prison sentence on sodomy? Never, according to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003, which struck down the sodomy ban in Texas and 13 other states. Yet that’s exactly what Michigan lawmakers did this week when the state Senate, and then the House, passed an animal rights bill, which despite numerous updates, kept antiquated sodomy language—banning anal sex between humans—intact. The bill, according to the Detroit Free Press, was part of a piece of important animal rights...

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Sri Lanka Destroys its Ivory, Apologizes to Poached Elephants

Last week, Sri Lanka joined a growing list of nations taking a stand against the illegal ivory trade, becoming the first South Asian country to destroy its stockpile of seized elephant tusks and the first in the world to offer a formal apology to the deceased elephants. Beginning with two minutes of silence, the ceremony proceeded with funerary rites and a Buddhist ritual performed by the Venerable Omalpe Sobitha Thero. As National Geographic reported, Thero said, “We destroyed those innocent lives to take those tusks. We have to ask for pardon from them.” Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian leaders attended the...

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