Ashley Madison Hack Puts Some Gays at Risk of Prison, Death

Ashley Madison Hack Puts Some Gays at Risk of Prison, Death

People living under oppressive regimes who used the adultery dating site to arrange secret liasons could be at risk of prison or the death penalty.

The hacking of the siteĀ has exposed millions of people, including hundreds in Saudi Arabia where adultery is potentially punishable by death.

And while the site was predominantly used by people looking to cheat on their partner, it is thought that many single gay people used the service to avoid detection by oppressive governments.

Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, while in Qatar – where 50 members are registered – it carries a five-year prison sentence.

Sky’s Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire said one Reddit user based in Saudi Arabia has even fled the country after being exposed.

He said: “ was sold as a way to get casual hook-ups for cheating spouses, but some users in the Middle East say they used it as a discreet way of having meetings with homosexual men who didn’t want to be identified.

“There are 1,200 email addresses with the Saudi Arabia suffix where homosexuals face the death penalty.

“More than 50 accounts are from Qatar where homosexual relationship are punishable by five years in prison.

“And there are 1,500 from Turkey where homosexuality isn’t illegal but you can get kicked out of the country or banned from military services.”

Details of the site’s 37 million members were obtained by hackers in July, who demanded that the site be shut down.

This week, with the site still online, they released the data on the dark web.

Among those exposed are civil servants, senior military officers and university professors.

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  1. Woody

    Hi Nina,
    A combination of my long-held opinion that if you put information, any information/pictures/vids on the internet, your foolishly giving it to the entire world AND my grim dislike of cheating fuckers meant that I was quite indifferent if not happy about the reported release of customer information in relation to that site.
    But I hadn’t considered the release of identities of homosexuals and how that could greatly endanger some inhabitants of certain countries.
    My cry of “Ha! now everyone knows that you’re a cheating fuck!” has been tempered by this post because I understand what danger that it represents. I understand that homosexuality, a state of being rather than a choice, is punished in some lands with ultimate severity.
    For all the values of honesty and loyalty that I pride myself on, I lean toward the full picture and all of the facts in it. Thanks for the reminder, Nina.

    All the best,

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    • Nina

      Hi Woody,

      I had those exact “those-assholes-got-what-they-deserved” thoughts myself, until I found this out. I wish the Ashley Madison site had never been created in the first place. What a twisted idea.

      I greatly hope none of the exposed homosexuals are harmed.


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