In a scary leap backward for animal welfare, Chinese scientists have just cloned two macaque monkeys -- the first step in a horrific plan to clone primates for cruel, invasive medical research.

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua were born after 79 failed cloning attempts, because most cloned monkeys die in just days. Even "successful" clones live short lives fraught with pain and health problems like heart failure, respiratory ailments and deformity.

At the medical lab, life only gets worse for these thinking, feeling animals. Research primates are subjected to unimaginably cruel treatment, such as having drugs pumped into their stomach, being infected with deadly diseases, and undergoing debilitating brain procedures. They may be kept isolated in cramped metal cages for years, causing devastating psychological effects.

The cloning and experimentation of primates -- who are close relatives to us humans -- is sickeningly cruel, and must not be permitted. Modern technology brings effective, humane alternatives to animal research, and there is no ethical reason to torture these innocent creatures any longer.

Sign this petition to urge Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai to do everything in his power to stop the terrible practice of cloning baby monkeys for cruel medical testing.

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