Dexter and Tim, two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, suffered unimaginable horror when someone broke into their property in Cheshire, England and proceeded to stab, beat, and brutally hang the innocent dogs.

“They found Dexter lying in a pool of blood and his head was swollen like a watermelon," according to traumatized owner Ben Winstanley. The dogs were described as Ben's best friends.

Sadly, Dexter did not survive after being stabbed in the neck, beaten, strangled and then hanged.

Tim, who was found shaking in the corner in a pool of blood, did manage to survive the attack.

While the family at first thought it was a break-in gone wrong, they were told that the dogs were the target. The innocent animals were attacked in their own backyard, which was protected by a 6-foot fence.

Sign the petition to urge Cheshire police to do everything in their power to find and apprehend the ruthless killer who attacked these innocent dogs. 

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