Thousands of animals -- 1,000 of them reportedly dead -- were found in a commercial warehouse in Montclair, CA. The room was covered in thick piles of feces and trash heaps all the way to the ceiling.

Neighbors reported seeing crates of baby chicks shipped to the warehouse, and believe the suspect was acting as a pet wholesaler.

The animal victims include parakeets and other exotic birds, chickens, snakes and more. Rescuers from the Inland Humane Society and SPCA found no food and water for the animals in the warehouse, which emitted a powerful ammonia stench that was noticeable from outside.

No animal deserves to be treated as disposable property and endure such abuse and neglect. Sign the petition to urge the San Bernardino County district attorney to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law -- and ban this sick individual from ever owning an animal again.