Missy the puppy was less than 6 months old, yet someone heartlessly threw the helpless dog away in a dumpster in below-zero temperatures in Gilette, Wyoming -- left to suffer as she slowly froze.

Missy, a hound mix, was trapped in the dumpster, rolled up in a heavy air mattress and unable to escape. She would have likely frozen to death in minutes had passersby not heard her whimpers in the early hours of the morning. Sadly, severe hypothermia had already set in, and Missy is now being treated by veterinarians. It is not known whether she will live or die.

Missy's owner, 24-year-old Manuel Rodrigues, was identified thanks to a Facebook post by the Gillette Police Department, and is now awaiting charges.

Sign this petition to urge Campbell County prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, and send a message that such cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. The sentence must fit the crime for this heartless act, and this man must never be allowed near an animal for the rest of his life.

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