A dog with its jaw blown halfway off was found lying in pain on the roadside of Santova Avias in Kalamata, Greece. The injury is thought to be from a firecracker placed in the innocent dogs' mouth and held there until it exploded.

Two passersby reportedly saw the mutilated dog, and contacted volunteers from Animal Society of Kalamata, who rushed the animal to a local vet. But the damage was so severe, the poor dog could not even breathe. Sadly, the vets euthanized.

It is believed that two people were responsible for this sickening act of cruelty. And now, authorities must find all who were involved, before any more animals are harmed.

Greece is notoriously lenient on animal abuse, and it's time for change. Sign this petition to Greek Ambassador Haris Lalacos urging him to help ensure that every effort is made to find and prosecute the perpetrators, and to bolster animal protections in the country to curb future cruelty to animals.

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