A new company has released information and pre-order forms for an innovative reusable straw. It folds up neatly, transports conveniently, cleans easily, and most importantly has the potential to completely replace single-use plastic straws.

They are calling their product the FinalStraw and it is worth checking out. It is not the first reusable straw to hit the market, but its flashy style and collapsable design make it a standout.

Single-use straws are not only wasteful, they have a history of inflicting serious pain on wildlife. For instance, consider the sea turtle that had a straw lodged up into its nose or the penguins whose stomachs were perforated by a straw.

The past few years, single-use plastics have gained significant attention as harmful and unnecessary. Filmmakers, advocates, and groups like the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the Last Plastic Straw Coalition, and the Ocean Conservancy have been pushing for governments to enact laws and stronger protections to reduce waste and clean up the oceans. There seems to be a strong current flowing toward a more sustainable, less polluted future. Thankfully, citiesstates, and countries are taking action to ban single-use plastic food containers, bags, and utensils like straws.

But while some governments are thinking forward, others are lagging behind or even enacting legislation that prohibits banning single-use products. Fortunately individuals like the creators of the FinalStraw are innovating and thinking for market-based/individual oriented solutions.

FinalStraw is a neat new option that eco-conscious consumers should consider. It won’t single-handedly clean up the oceans, but it adds to the toolbox of strategies advocates can utilize to eliminate straws as liter and debris in the ocean and other habitats.