US Energy Department Wants Big Bailout for Dirty Coal

US Energy Department Wants Big Bailout for Dirty Coal

Under the guise of bolstering America’s energy system, the Department of Energy (DOE) wants to bail out failing, expensive coal and nuclear plants.

Last week, head of the DOE Rick Perry penned a letter and filed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to adopt new regulations to help coal and nuclear plants stay afloat. The letter asked FERC to create a rule for a rate structure that would allow certain power plants to recover costs, plus a return on equity.

All energy is subsidized, but the scale is weighted heavily in the favor of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Climate change is a byproduct of fossil fuel burning that is already costing us hundreds of billions each year. Nuclear power has also proven quite expensive and has inherent environmental problems of its own. America produces as much as 160,000 cubic feet of radioactive waste a year, and experts and policymakers have yet to determine a safe and acceptable way to dispose of it. Additionally, nuclear power accidents, like the Fukushima disaster, have led to long-lasting devastation of communities and ecosystems.

As noted by Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy, an association that advocates for clean, secure, and affordable energy, this letter requests a rule with something for everyone to dislike. “If you’re a believer in competition and free markets, this rule would insert the federal government squarely into the middle of market decisions. If you are driven by keeping energy costs low, this rule would impose higher energy costs on consumers for no tangible benefit by forcing electricity customers to pay to keep uneconomic power plants in operation. Finally, if you are driven by innovation and technology, this rule purposefully puts a thumb on the scale for existing, century-old technology at the expense of modern advanced energy that is currently winning based on price and performance.”

The DOE wants to grant direct subsidies to coal and nuclear power company owners, claiming these units are necessary to handle the “baseload” of the energy system. But as NRDC and others point out, “baseload” is an outdated term and no longer serves a practical purpose—grid operators are best served by staying technology neutral in their decision processes.

It is hard to view this letter as anything other than a handout to support dirty power and to slow progress towards a greener, cleaner energy system. The letter asks FERC to respond within 60 days.


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  1. Thomas

    We have technology now for clean coal and better safeguards for nuclear power, both of which we need to power America. We can’t allow ourselves to be held hostage to the manmade climate change hoax of those on the left whose primary goal is to destroy our country. The earth has undergone climate changes for eons and man had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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    • DJ

      Maybe better safeguards but still have radioactive waste…no such thing as “clean coal”…burnt coal still produces the safe off gases and by products, and you need neither to power the have enough natural gas for centuries so burn it instead…and the “man made climate change hoax”?…it’s not a hoax if you understood…yes their were “natural climate changes” of meteors hitting the earth causing dirt clouds that made the planet colder..but it isn’t getting colder! It’s getting warmer due to greenhouse gases mixing in the upper atmosphere causing a breakdown in the protective ozone layer..

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    • Judy Gerdes

      Thomas, I couldn’t have said it better myself but I think it bears repeating, ‘We can’t allow ourselves to be held hostage to the man made climate change hoax of those on the left whose primary goal is to destroy our country”.

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      • Leanne

        Climate change is no hoax. Summers here in Australia are getting hotter by the year.

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        • Thomas

          You’re right, Leanne, Climate Change is no hoax. It’s very real. The hoax is the loony left’s claim that it is man made. Even so, they have been caught countless times manipulating and faking the numbers to make it appear worse than it really is just to gain support for their hoax. This is the work of the socialist progressives and their and their globalist fantasies, Leanne. They have to destroy vibrant and independent countries like ours to achieve their goals. Don’t fall for it. Keep Australia free, strong and independent. Let the lefties go spend some time in the socialist utopia of Venezuela and see how they like it.

        • Charlotte

          Read the sixth extinction. Maybe that will open your eyes

        • Thomas

          My eyes are always open as is my mind, Charlotte. I don’t fall for the Left’s Godless propaganda in the likes of books like The Sixth Extinction anymore. It’s just Kool-Aid for the Useful Idiots.

          I almost fell for the “Scientific Certainty” of an Ice Age coming in the 70’s. Remember that one? All the “Scientists” said it was coming. Anybody who disagreed with the “Scientists” was an idiot.

          So I’ll tell you what, Charlotte… As soon as that Ice Age comes and goes, I’ll wait for the big meltdown, ok? Have a nice day.

      • vicki hood

        No doubt in my mind that this was proposed by a Trump puppet. Climate change shows everywhere. I can tell just here in Oregon. The plant life is changed to messed up, scrawney flowering time. The dryness which causes more fires. The dying off of trees. So much more if one opens their eyes. Thomas sounds like a paid science whore.

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        • Thomas

          Listen up, Vicki, you might learn something.

          All life on earth ebbs and flows as naturally as you breathing in and out. A time of drought, a time of torrential rain. Trees sprout and trees die. Forest Fires rage, hurricanes howl, men’s lives come and go like vapors in the context of eternity. The Earth cleanses itself, it’s all natural. It’s all part of God’s Plan.

          Relax and enjoy life, help your fellow man, give of yourself, be kind.

          But don’t drink their Kool-Aid, Vickie, beware of the leaven of the Left. They have an agenda that doesn’t include you or me in it’s rewards. It’ll be serfdom for you and me, Vickie, begging for crumbs from the tables of the Elite.

          Venezuela was an oil-rich and very wealthy and prosperous nation, Vickie, and then the Leftists took over a few years ago, They are now having food riots there. Think about it.

  2. Leanne

    We need an alternative to burning fossil fuels. We are depleting the earth’s resources at an alarming rate.

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    • Thomas

      Maybe you need to buy some “Carbon Credits” for your “Carbon Footprint”, Leanne. I’m noi sure who you buy them from but I’m sure Al Gore would accept your check to help him save the polar bears and pay for his new Malibu Beachfront home. Who cares where the money goes, it’s the thought that counts.

      A home on the ocean, yeah, kinda makes you wonder if he forgot about the rise in the sea levels he predicted, doesn’t it?

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  3. Patricia Lazarus

    Dear Energy Managers of the USA
    Your decisions to keep on releasing carbons and other by products of non renewable fuels into our atmosphere is signing your names to death and untold grief for millions across our one planet.
    Please remember that your releases cannot be contained in the air around the United States. You are responsible in large part for the terrible flooding that has ruined lives in the Caribbean, in the USA and in Europe. Your poisonous gases have destroyed protective reef systems throughout the Americas and have created a myriad of other ‘dirty bombs’ that are wreaking havoc on the Earth we all share.
    It is time for you to join in saving our beautiful world, rather than smothering it to death.

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  4. Ellen McConnell

    Entire administration is taking us back 30 yrs. VOTE people in that believe in climate change.

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    • Thomas

      I guess you can vote for me, Ellen.
      I believe in Climate Change.
      It’s been going on since the Earth was created.

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  5. Andrew

    Yes climate change is real. Hurricanes and earthquakes have increased alot this last decade. This is not politics but statistics by intelligent scientists.

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  6. Nadya Wall-Rossi

    You expect Rick (the hairdo) Perry to do the right thing? In him, the oil, nuclear and gas industry found a cheerful prostitute.

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    • Thomas

      At least Rick (the hairdo) Perry isn’t busy selling our uranium off to Vladimir (the communist) Putin and the Russians like Hillary (the corruption) Clinton did, Nadya. Count your blessings.

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