Please email the mayor and each of these councillors and respectfully urge them to call off the proposal to classify cats as “pests” and kill cats without detectable microchips in Auckland, New Zealand:

Mayor Phil Goff

Councillor Penny Hulse [email protected]

Councillor Cathy Casey [email protected]

Councillor Alf Filipaina

Councillor Bill Cashmore

Councillor Cathy Casey

Councillor Chris Darby

Councillor Christine Fletcher

Councillor Daniel Newman

Councillor Desley Simpson

Councillor Greg Sayers

Councillor John Walker

Councillor John Watson

Councillor Linda Cooper

Councillor Mike Lee

Councillor Richard Hills

Councillor Ross Clow

Councillor Sharon Stewart

Councillor Wayne Walker

Councillor Josephine Bartley

Councillor Paul Young