At a concert in Auburn Hills, halfway between Detroit and Flint Michigan, Bruno Mars moved the crowds to tears with more than his incredible talent when he announced that he had donated one million dollars to aid the victims of the Flint water crisis:

In 2014 officials of Flint, together with state officials of Michigan, made a decision to switch the city’s main water supply from Lake Huron to the contaminated Flint River. In an effort to cut costs, their reckless, fatal decision caused a public health crisis.

It’s three years later and the people of Flint are still without clean water and dealing with the residue of toxic lead levels and cancer-causing chemicals that infected their water. They were knowingly lied to by officials who, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are now facing criminal charges and lawsuits.

Revenue from Mars’ Auburn Hills show will be donated to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

“With a grateful heart, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint is honored to accept this inspiring donation. We know Bruno Mars’ $1 million gift will be transformative to the children and families of Flint. He understands the issues faced by Flint citizens, and we are touched by his concern and generosity,” said Isaiah Oliver, President and CEO of the foundation.

Despite the national recognition of the Flint crisis there still remains a lead epidemic in minority and low-income communities across the United States. It’s encouraging to see Mars make such a generous donation. Because of his celebrity status Flint will pop back up on our news cycle and the plight of its residents will hopefully stay on our radar.

If only this could actually influence public policy and accountability on a national level. Now that would be truly showstopping.