YOU can help end cruelty and promote humane treatment of all species by supporting Lady Freethinker! By joining our Activists Circle, Legacy Society, or Faithful Hero programs, your donation will help us keep working to expose and stop animal suffering in the brutal dog and cat meat trade, in zoos and circuses, at cruel factory farms and more.

Activists Circle


Become an Activist for Animals – Join the Circle!

Members of our Activist’s Circle demonstrate a level of generosity that is truly transformative, providing critical support to help create a compassionate world for every species by giving $500 or more, cumulatively, each year.

Activist’s Circle Membership Levels:

  • Gold Activist – $5,000
  • Silver Activist – $2,500
  • Bronze Activist – $1,000
  • Ruby Activist – $500

Qualify as an Activist either by signing up today or, at the end of the calendar year, we will tally up your annual donations and inform you if you achieved official status!

As an Activist’s Circle member, you will feel even closer to our mission. You become part of a community of givers who want to make a difference and do more for animal rights and advocacy! Your gift will provide funding to help:

  • Take on the brutal dog and cat meat trade, in which beloved family pets are stolen and slaughtered for profit
  • Work to end the torture of billions of factory-farmed animals
  • Work to protect elephants, tigers and other exotic animals
  • Seek justice for animals maimed and killed by dangerous criminals


Legacy Society


Our Legacy Society members have thoughtfully included Lady Freethinker (LFT) in their will or trust, or as a beneficiary of their retirement account, life insurance, or charitable remainder trust.

As a member of our Legacy Society, you will enjoy a deeper connection to LFT. We will share with you the important work we are performing now, so you can consider a particular area of our work in which you’d like to leave your legacy. These benefits are designed to provide you with an overall vision into our long-term plans and to keep you engaged, inspired, and excited about what your future gift will accomplish.


Faithful Hero


Animals need activists and advocates to stand up for them….and LFT is there to respond because of supporters like you.

When you join LFT as a Faithful Hero, you become part of a caring community of monthly givers who provide the critical support needed to create a compassionate world for every species ALL YEAR LONG.

Monthly giving is a convenient, affordable, and efficient way to make a difference and take action on the protection animals!

People who want to do more for animals can! Spreading out a donation in smaller increments makes giving more to a cause you care about possible.