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2021 Activist Circle

A huge THANK YOU to our incredibly generous supporters and Activists Circle members of 2021 who demonstrate a level of generosity that is truly transformative, providing critical support to help create a compassionate world for every species! Activists Circle members help to directly save animals’ lives, such as those suffering in the cruel dog and cat meat trade, and enable LFT to expose cruelty to millions while fighting for stronger animal protections.

Gold Activists

  • Susan Busilacchi
  • Mark Matyazic
  • Anonymous Animal Heroes (6)

Silver Activists

  • Anonymous Animal Heroes (4)

Bronze Activists

  • Dana Bouterie
  • Molly Robinson
  • Anonymous Animal Heroes (32)

Ruby Activists

  • Danielle Amato
  • Craig George
  • Jazmin Giovannie
  • Pamela Greer
  • Brian Griefer
  • John Leone
  • Carole Menser
  • Holly Peek
  • Robin Sears
  • Michele Shakir
  • Anonymous Animal Heroes (114)
Thank You