2019 in Review: Making History for the Animals

In 2019, Lady Freethinker made history in the fight against animal cruelty across the globe.

Thanks to your support, we succeeded in obtaining over 3 million petition signatures, changing hearts and minds and holding animal abusers accountable for their crimes.

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What Made 2019 So Special?

In 2019, Lady Freethinker educated millions of people on the true horrors of the dog and cat meat trade, factory farming, trophy hunting, animal exploitation in the entertainment industry, and much more. Our petitions put animal cruelty cases right in front of the eyes of decision makers, letting them know the world is watching and forcing them to acknowledge the gravity of animal abuse.

Our investigation into — and petition against — a notorious dogfight breeder yielded the strongest animal cruelty sentence in Chilean history.

Our Defeat Dog Meat campaign saved more family pets from slaughter than ever before. We rescued dozens of dogs from the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat festival, as well as slaughterhouses across Asia.

LFT provided truckloads of food, medicine and other badly needed supplies to rescuers on the ground saving thousands of dogs and cats from the butcher’s knife.

And with our bus ads, urgent news articles and petitions, LFT is working to shut down the vile dog and cat meat industry for good.

In 2019, LFT also facilitated the rescue of more than 100 foxes from a cruel fur farm, where the innocent animals faced being skinned alive for their coats.

And this year, LFT’s investigations made international headlines, gaining massive exposure for animal issues. Our groundbreaking investigative report on dogfight promotion on Facebook was featured by Newsweek, The Guardian, Mashable and more.

In 2020, we plan to save even more animals from desperate situations, and work harder than ever to change the laws and policies that allow animal suffering.

But we can’t do it without you.

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Dogs Saved from Slaughter

Foxes rescued from a brutal fur farm

More than 5,000 kilos of food for cats and dogs in dire need