Love Your Pet Day

In February, we challenged our readers to tell us how they were going to make their companion animals feel special on Feb. 20 — the world’s designated “Love Your Pet Day.” More than 50 readers flooded our inboxes with inspiring stories of furry friends they had rescued and who had then, in turn, rescued them by adding new joy and purpose to their lives. From beachcombing walks in special outfits to new toys and treats, and from belly rubs to changed pet parent behavior — some of our readers chose to go vegan or start signing petitions against animal abuse after developing deep bonds with their companion animals — these stories of how you planned to “Love Your Pet” also brought smiles to our faces! While we can’t showcase them all, we want to extend the deepest thanks to all of you who sent your heart warming stories for “Love Your Pet Day” on Feb. 20!  Here are some of our top picks, which we hope can inspire you to find even more ways to pamper your companions!

That’s One Beloved Buddy


Inspired by the “Love Your Pet Day” challenge, reader Wayne submitted a music video made in honor of his beloved buddy, Kona.

The video, backdropped by “Cover Me In Sunshine” by P!nk, shows an adoring chocolate-colored lab named Kona looking into the camera with beautiful, bright eyes as he rides in the passenger seat of Wayne’s car, frolics through waves at the beach, or barks at passerby from a sheltered bike trailer on an afternoon jaunt. There’s also stills and video segments of Kona jumping into swimming pools and fetching in a huge grass-covered area.

While we were tickled by the creativity of the video presentation, what really got to us was the clear, loving bond between these two. Congratulations, Wayne and Kona!

A Special Saturday

Nova and Takoda

“We made it a fun snow day during the freak snow storm that hit us in Washington state. My boys Nova and Takoda love to be snow dogs. We also run daily, 1-6 miles for exercise. Then we built our country snowman during the COVID stay-at-home.” – Diana


“To show my appreciation for all Jayna has given me, I will get out her favorite toys and put a pillow on her bench where she does her bird and squirrel watching. In honor of the 3 fur family members 2020 took from us — Willow, Jacky, and Luna — I will  remember a special story and light a candle.”  – Lisa

PAWS-itively Perfect


She goes to exercise with me. She’s doing her yoga pose in this picture. She had been abused at 2.5 years old; she was a mess when I got her. Now she is 9 years old.” – Mary

Mr. Callie

Mr. Callie, a 13.5-year-old Bichon Frise, is more than ‘just a pet.’ He sits in a chair next to me in my home office. I consult with him when needing input on different business matters. He was ‘legally blind;’ as a gift we sacrificed many things to pay for cataract surgery. Today, we are taking him for a walk to ‘see’ his neighborhood ‘friends’ then to a nature path for him to ‘see’ all of the wonderful snowy winter things around him!”  – Perry


I am spending the day trying to get my 12 year old foster cat Pogo to eat, drink, and take her medicine, and keeping her warm on an electric blanket. She is obviously coming to the end of her life, which breaks our heart; she has made the last month an absolute joy and will be much missed.”  – Susan


And with special thanks to these special people who also shared their precious stories (in the order they were received): Tamara and Rascal, Blondie, AppleJack, PawPaw, MaMa, Angel, Nanny, and Granny; Katerina and Mika; Debera and Ariel; Sylvia and Daphne; Bede and Loomis; Maddie; Goalith, Bella, and Toby; Zorro; TastyShots and Rosco; HBWhitt and his goat and reptile; Debbie and Tess; Debbie and Shale, Kathy and her dogs; Judi and Lexi in remembrance of Popcorn and Jack; Todd and Bitty; Pam and Oliver; Kelly and Kody; Sheryl and Gigi Rose; Deborah and Lady and Libbey; Doug and Liz and Lollipop; Cam and Jellybean; Alice and Mellie, Barbara and Chongo and Peewee; Beatrice and Sophie; Karolina and Chicken; Jim and Joyce and Honey; Diana and her dogs; Jeffrey and Raya; Yaselin and Mia Sofia and Yippi; Paula and Bella; Heather and Miley, Linda and Oliver; Samantha and Chunk and Miesha; Laurie and Shy; Jonathan and Kisses; Jordan and Dean; Terry and Biffa, Jet, Tufts, Gilly, Pepper, Felie, Bobbie, Marcus, and in remembrance of her other furry family members; Jo and Daisy and Alfie; June and Simon and Piper; Clive, Pam and Milo and Hamish; Wendy and Gypsy; Crystal and Kit Kat, Spot, Shadow, Stripe, Spice, and Puff; Jeannie and Shilo; Sharon and LittleBitOfHeaven and Cinderella; D.G. and Kitty Sapphire; David and Legion; and majadeverse and the dachshund!

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