No, your eyes do not deceive you: this dog really does have a set of braces on his chompers. And it’s not just because his caretakers) want to give him a pretty smile.

Wesley, a 6-month-old golden retriever, has trouble eating his food because his teeth do not properly align. In fact, he couldn’t even close his mouth due to his crooked canines. So Wesley took a trip to doggie dentist Dr. James Moore of Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Michigan, who set him up with the dog braces you see here.

Harborfront Hospital for Animals gave this dog braces.

While I may have had to live with tinsel teeth for years to fix my smile, Wesley will not need to suffer the same fate — his braces should come off in just a couple of weeks.

Far from frivolous, dog braces are a sign of improvements in veterinary care that can help companion animals live fuller, happier and longer lives. And just as every human deserves proper medical care, our animal friends do, as well.