Woman Wanted for Leaving Skeletal Dog Outside of Animal Shelter

Woman Wanted for Leaving Skeletal Dog Outside of Animal Shelter

“Orphan Annie” was nearly a skeleton when an unknown woman dropped her off outside of Peaceable Kingdom animal shelter in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Most of the poodle’s snowy white fur had fallen out, and her body was covered in sores and fleas.

“She had open wounds on her body, she had severe anemia from the fleas,” said Peaceable Kingdom Medical Director Sarah Donnelly. “They were basically sucking the life out of her.”

Surveillance video captured a woman leaving the dog in a crate outside the shelter, and now officials want to know who she is and how the dog reached it’s emaciated state. See the video here:

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The good news is that Annie has been taken in by a foster family, and in just days has made a near-miraculous recovery:

This night last week an emaciated dog was left outside an animal shelter alone and cold. Tonight Annie sleeps snuggled…

Posted by Hope for Orphan Annie on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

“It is shocking how happy she is after what she has obviously gone through,” Donnelly said. “She certainly could not have gone much longer.”

If you know who the woman in the video may be or have any other relevant information, please contact this tip line: 610-709-6454

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  1. Brenda

    Guess that this fat piece of crap couldn’t have given even a few scraps of her food to the dog. I hope she explodes, literally!

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  2. fran

    I would like to donate for Annie”s care. How can I do that?

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  3. Linda

    May God bless every single person who helped, and continues to help, this innocent dog. As for the woman who left her … I have no printable words …

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  4. X

    I hope that the fat ugly worthless bitch that did this, gets hit by a fuckin truck….Karma to yo ass, bitch!!!

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    someone has to know that fat slob that hurt that poor pup

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  6. Dona Doig

    Well I guess we know who got all the food. Another piece of human garbage that really does not deserve to live in my book.

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    • Christine

      I know that in the rite home with the rite people that Lil girl will be a wonderful addition to the family now on the other hand that fat slob that left that pup like that needs to go to jail fed bread and water till she looses 160 lbs and then sent to prison. Where other woman who can’t see there family or pets are feeling the anger I am at seeing this horrible thing done to someone so small you gotta ask yourself if she did this to that Lil dog what else would she do what a shame I pray she’s caught and punished to the fullest

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