Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 4.24.36 PM   It’s no secret that corporate sponsorship is the bread and butter of many a politician’s campaign (or that lobbyists continue to bribe said politicians once they’ve been elected — but that’s a whole other article).  But do you know which industry buys the most votes in your state? Now you can, thanks to this handy map from Mother Jones.

Mother Jones used data compiled by to create this infographic. Politics aside, it’s an interesting snapshot of which industries hold the most power (and money) in the United States. The health industry is booming in more states than I would have imagined. The fact that “gambling” rules Nevada is no surprise, though. Neither is the influence of the tech industry in Washington.

Mother Jones notes that not all campaign contributions tied to an industry necessarily came from a corporation; for example, a donation from a real estate agent would fall in the “real estate” category just like a donation from a commercial developing tycoon. So in that sense, the map is somewhat flawed. Nonetheless, it’s enlightening to see the amount of influence each industry seems to have on our nation.

Fifty years ago, this map would have looked a lot different. For one thing, more than just two states would be labelled “manufacturing,” because we used to actually produce things in our homeland before we shipped those jobs overseas.

I’d love to see a similar map covering PAC contributions, and how much money each giant corporation has contributed.