When Jennifer Williams took her dog for a walk in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, her companion animal knew something terrible was happening nearby. Williams’ dog broke out of her harness and dashed to the scene — leading her owner to a dog chained to a tree, her paws frozen to the ground.

The freezing dog couldn’t move, so Williams wrapped her own coat around the abandoned animal and scooped her up to save her from the frigid temperatures. The dogs’ paws were coated in blood, a sign that she had been struggling to move as her paws were stuck to the ground beneath her.

Williams called animal rescuer Sean Casey, who said, “The bottom of her paws were pretty bloody. She carried the dog home and ultimately saved the dog’s life.”

Casey also stated that pet owners should take note, and keep their animals indoors in the winter chill: “Any dog can suffer from the cold, some can tolerate it a little bit better than others but no dog, animal or person should be left out in that weather.”

The dog, dubbed Bindi, was rushed to the vet, and Casey posted an update on her condition on Facebook:

“Many of you have been following the story of Bindi who was found in Prospect Park with her feet frozen to the ground. Aside from being left out in the cold it turns out Bindi is also very sick. She vomited some pieces of rubber when she arrived and had a lot of blood in her urine. She was severely anemic and X-Rays showed she has three pieces of metal in her stomach.”

Bindi underwent surgery and a blood transfusion, and rescuers are hopeful for her recovery.

As heart-wrenching as Bindi’s story is, she was very lucky to be found. Other dogs, like this one found frozen on a New Jersey sidewalk, are not so lucky. Both stories are a testament to how crucial it is to keep dogs, cats and other pets indoors, safe and warm, when cold weather hits.