Is there anything you can’t make with Legos? As Greenpeace discovered, you can even create social change (or try to, at any rate). They got creative with the building blocks in this video urging the Lego company to stop selling Shell Oil building sets, so no more children will be duped into thinking fossil fuels are “cool.”

A few days after its release, the anti-oil ad was banned by Youtube for copyright infringement. But Greenpeace beat out the corporate bigwigs this time, so it returned for us to watch.

Whether in schools, on television or at the toy store, I find this whole branding-to-children thing deeply irksome. And when the branding in question makes Big Oil — with all its planet-warming nastiness — seem like a fun and kid-friendly industry, well, then we have a serious problem.

Watch the video, sign the petition and hope Lego comes to its senses.