Watch: Loggers Fell a Tree While Mother and Baby Koala Cling for Their Lives

Watch: Loggers Fell a Tree While Mother and Baby Koala Cling for Their Lives

koalasKoalas are dying off in Australia, and logging companies like this are making matters worse. In the video below, a mother and baby koala cling to a blue gum tree as loggers tear it down mercilessly. The mother survived, but nobody knows what happened to the baby. When the woman behind the camera tried to check on them, she was refused access.

These loggers should be prosecuted for their cruel, shameful and illegal actions.


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  1. Infidel753

    Refused access? I can’t see any legitimate reason for that.

    It reminds me of the meat industry — trying to stop people from seeing what they’re doing, instead of actually cleaning up their act.

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  2. LG

    Those MF’s… The human race is doomed I fear… No common sense or compassion… We deserve what we get if we can’t stop this kind of treatment to animals and learn to coexist!

    It was apparent that the logger purposefully saw the koalas and picked that particular tree!

    How many trees were there around the one with the koalas? They had to pick that one!

    I hope the loggers have a fatal accident!

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    • Lady Freethinker

      Hi LG,

      Thanks for commenting! I only hope people do, eventually, evolve to be more compassionate to animals. We’re a long way away…


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