Remember those obnoxious charity bins set up at Walmart stores last holiday season, so needy employees could receive canned-food donations instead of a fair paycheck? Well they’re back this year  – and pissing off more people than ever.

Monday, a fed-up group of workers decided to tell Walmart exactly where they could put those bins, so to speak. They painted a giant food bin bright purple, dragged it to billionaire Walmart heiress Alice Walton’s Park Avenue condo, and chained it to the building where she couldn’t miss it.

The civil disobedience doesn’t end there – expect strikes at 1,600 Walmart locations on Black Friday, where the door-busting throngs will have to first pass workers demanding livable wages before fighting over cheap electronics.

In case you’ve managed to miss seeing these insulting food bins, here’s a look:



For context, consider that the six Walmart heirs collectively own about $90 billion – more wealth than the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined. Despite these mega-riches, the average Walmart cashier makes just $8.48 an hour. Because they earn poverty-level wages, a hefty number of Walmart employees must rely on government assistance, like food stamps. (They then use those food stamps at Walmart, so the company essentially receives government subsidies for keeping workers piss-poor).

This season, you can bet I won’t be shopping at Walmart to support their injustice. But I will be thinking about those workers taking a stand for what’s right.