VIDEO: Puppy Saved after Falling in Boiling Water

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India got a call about a stray puppy who had accidentally fallen into boiling water, they came right to the scene to save the animal from what seemed like certain death.

When they found the puppy, her underside and legs were burned so badly the skin had already become necrotic — it was dying on the poor dogs’ body.

After more than a week of intensive medical treatment and plenty of TLC, things started to look up. This brave puppy, named Basanti, is now happy and healthy, and loves to play with the rest of the pack.


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    May God bless these wonderful people from Animal Aid Unlimited..they are amazing. How can I not donate after seeing that! *However accidentally falling into boiling water seems very odd..I hope it was an accident??

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  2. Lori Neuman

    What a wonderful story! Thank you for all you do to save these sweet dogs!

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  3. Liz farr

    How amazing poor darling dog she would have died without their help.

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  4. Gillian phillips

    Hope puppy has a wonderful happy life

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  5. Juliette

    OH, the poor baby- my heart aches for him!! A million thank you’s for helping him!

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  6. Flavio Renato Freitas

    Lets make some donations?? They deserve it!

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  7. vanishree

    Thank u rescuers for saving this girl….god bless u n little girl n all animals in world….

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  8. Donna

    Thank goodness he was saved and is doing good. Poor thing shouldn’t have to go thru all that tho. Animals are God’s creatures also.

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  9. Candy Niewinski

    Thank you and God Bless all of you at Animal Aid Unlimited, another amazing rescue!

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  10. susana

    Ante tanta maldad quedan seres increibles sino no se que seria de ellos — algun dia esto tiene que terminar leyes que los defiendan

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