billnye2The more I see from Bill Nye, the more I dig him. While other non-believers gave him heat for debating creationism with Ken Ham, I was pleased to see such a beloved, family-friendly figure show Bible Belters that it’s OK to question their religion.

Given Nye’s track record, it’s no surprise to see him present one of the most balanced views of GMOs I’ve ever seen. From “We’re creating a whole new species” (scary) to “Would you rather eat the virus-riddled, natural papaya or the GM?” (hmmmm…), both sides of the story are here.

Nye also nails what concerns me most about GM crops: we’re unleashing millions of acres of these new species on the planet at a lightening pace without knowing how they’ll affect the environment. And ultimately, before we fill our refrigerators and cropland with new produce strains, it’s best to be patient and give the new science its due testing.