Animals have the power to inspire, amaze, and move us. All too often they suffer because of human actions. But the more we know and share with others, the more we can help. As we enter the new year, let’s look back on some of the most heartwarming animal rescues of 2015. Number 10 is my favorite!

1. Holly the dancing bear. Fifteen years of torture and exploitation, forced to dance with a rope strung through a hole in her snout, Holly now lives in a bear sanctuary in India.



2. One ‘Lucky’ elephant. Malnourished and dehydrated, Lucky the elephant was rescued by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand and moved to a new home free of chains and tourists on her back.

3. Blind and sentenced to death, rescued goats and sheep find sanctuary and friendship. The Farm Sanctuary rescued a blind goat and sheep who would have been killed on a commercial farm. They have now formed new friendships and refuge to live out the rest of their lives in peace and comfort.


4. Severely stressed parrot tells rescuers, “I love you.” Mistreatment led Javi the parrot to pluck herself almost bald. Now at the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary she is recovering and showing a new zest for life.

5. Near death Shih Tzu rescued from a puppy mill. This adorable little guy would never have survived the puppy mill.max-rescued-from-puppy-mill-808x500

6. Farm Sanctuary rescues more than 170 animals at one horrific site. Described as a ‘backyard butcher,’ this site in the Hudson Valley was busted and the animals taken to safety.



7. 600 baby sea turtles given a chance at survival. Bright city lights confuse baby sea turtles and cause the new hatchlings to stray into dangerous territory. But the coast guard in Florida helps them out!


8. Bear saved from drowning when a man goes in after him. The tranquilized bear swam out into a lake and started to drown. A US Fish and Wildlife biologist did the unthinkable and jumped in to save him.

9. Dog found alive in pet dumping ground. During a newscast investigating a pet dumping ground, reporter discovers a dog still alive.

10. Animals rescuing other animals. This video proves that humans aren’t the only ones who can show compassion and bravery in the face of suffering.