Ted Cruz has a lot to say about Obamacare — after all, he did spend more than 21 hours yapping away in a faux-libuster to protest the program in September. But despite his vocal objections, the Texas senator doesn’t appear to know very much about the Affordable Care Act. Nope, he seems to prefer creating his own facts. This list exposes some of the biggest whoppers that Cruz has spouted about Obamacare:

  1. In the House, a “strong bipartisan majority voted to defund Obamacare.” Actually, only two Democratics did … out of 190 people. Not so bipartisan after all.
  2. UPS booted spouses “without health insurance” from employee-sponsored plans, forcing them to “go on an exchange with no employer subsidy.” In reality, spouses only lost coverage if they already had insurance through their own employers.
  3. “Virtually every person across this country has seen premiums going up and up and up.” Some people are paying more for insurance, but many others are paying less (including yours truly). Plus, people who couldn’t even keep their insurance because of existing medical conditions can now get coverage.
  4.  Paperwork for Obamacare will take up 190 million hours per year, said Cruz. Not nearly – that number is likely to fall in the thousands, says PolitiFact.
  5. Seniors are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare. Actually, enrollment for Medicare Advantage, the program in question, is up. Coverage is also better and, on average, premiums have dropped, according to The Nation. It is true that some seniors have been ousted from their current plans, which does suck (and was the choice of their insurance companies, not the government). But the overall result is more benefits for less money.