These Are The World’s Worst Places to be Gay

These Are The World’s Worst Places to be Gay

While I normally encourage people to live true to themselves, in some countries you need to stay in the closet if you want to live at all.

As this graphic shows, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment or death in a disturbingly large portion of the world. (I just wish the two weren’t lumped in the same color – I’m curious to know how much of the map actually believes homosexuality is an “offense” worthy of execution.)

I was very pleasantly surprised, however, to see that same-sex marriage is legal in so much of South America. Qué bueno!

The World's Worst Places to be Gay

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  1. Infidel753

    The countries where homosexuality is punishable by death are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Mauritania, and parts of Somalia and Nigeria. Note that those are all Muslim countries except Nigeria, which is about half Muslim, and it’s the Muslim region (the north of the country) where the death penalty applies.

    And yes, gay marriage has been legal in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay for some time now. It’s also legal in several states in Mexico and the US, though that’s not reflected on the map.

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    • Lady Freethinker

      Thanks Infidel!

      That’s worse than I imagined – I thought that level of anti-gay extremism was limited to just a few countries. Ugh.


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