You made the mess, BP, now please clean it up.

The Deepwater Horizon spill was the largest offshore oil spill in United States history, killing and maiming hundreds of animals and ravaging the environment. Without BP’s gross negligence, this disaster would have never happened – and now they’re putting greed over  responsibility by refusing to clean up their mess.

A court ordered BP to pay $18 billion dollars for the damage they caused, but the conglomerate is trying to weasel out of the debt. They recently filed an appeal, saying they can’t afford to pay. But it’s a bunch of BS. The company earned $23 billion in profits last year alone, and has paid investors $19 billion in dividends since the spill. If  they can afford to pay that much  to investors, they can afford to spend an even smaller sum for the good of the people, animals and environment.

Sum of Us (one of my favorite orgs) has a petition headed for BP, telling them to pay in full for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. SIGN THE PETITION HERE, and please share to help strengthen the message. BP has no right to get away with this.