Jar Jar is more popular than Congress

photo credit: nickstone333 via photopin cc

Meesa thinks we have a problem. By the numbers, Congress now ranks below Jar Jar Binks — the least-liked Star Wars character ever — in popularity.

In the name of accuracy, the two weren’t actually compared in the same study. But as the Huffington Post reports, a survey by FiveThirtyEight showed Mr. Binks to have a 29-percent favorable rating and a 37-percent unfavorable rating, giving him a net score of -8. Congress, on the other hand, appears to have a pitiful net rating of -57, according to data taken from multiple polls.

So Americans don’t care much for poor Jar Jar, but many of us would rather put up with his annoying/possibly-racist antics than be forced to deal with a bickering, ineffectual government. I’ll cheers to that.

As HuffPo points out, however, individual politicians tend to rank much better than Congress as a whole. They also tend to get reelected — which means we can probably look forward to the same incompetent government for years to come. That, I will not cheers to.

In case you’re wondering how the other Star Wars characters fared in the survey, Luke Sywalker predictably came out on top with a 93-percent favorable rating, followed closely by Hans Solo (my personal fave), who snagged a 92-percent favorable rating. Princess Leia, Obi Wan and Yoda each came in with a 90-percent favorable score, while Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine were third- and second-least liked (though even these villains scored better than the much-maligned Jar Jar).