Last month Tom Newhart called the police for help finding Sugar, his beloved orange tabby.  He was told by police that an officer had shot and killed his cat.

After escaping on Dec 6th, Sugar was found not far from her home by Newhart’s neighbor, Mike Lienert.  Thinking the cat may be injured, Lienert called the police for help.  According to Leinert, the responding North Catasauqua officer warned him “it’s not politically correct, but if injured we will put it down.”

Lienert said that aside from some hissing, the cat did not appear aggressive.  Nevertheless, the officer made no attempt to catch the cat, instead shooting it in the throat and telling Lienert it was up to him to clean up the mess.

Newhart took Sugar’s body to be inspected by the local vet, who reported no apparent injuries aside from the gunshot.  Showing the vet report, Newhart said:

“No lacerations, no blood, other than neck wound on body.”

Watch the report by WFMZ:

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Newhart said he would like to see the officer fired and the police chief resign, and he may get his wish.  As of January 8th, the Northampton County District Attorney is investigating the case to see if it warrants charges of animal cruelty.  Please sign the petition to urge the District Attorney send a message that this sort of cruelty will not be tolerated.