Sugar the Lost Cat Shot Dead by Police Officer Called to Help

Sugar the Lost Cat Shot Dead by Police Officer Called to Help

Last month Tom Newhart called the police for help finding Sugar, his beloved orange tabby.  He was told by police that an officer had shot and killed his cat.

After escaping on Dec 6th, Sugar was found not far from her home by Newhart’s neighbor, Mike Lienert.  Thinking the cat may be injured, Lienert called the police for help.  According to Leinert, the responding North Catasauqua officer warned him “it’s not politically correct, but if injured we will put it down.”

Lienert said that aside from some hissing, the cat did not appear aggressive.  Nevertheless, the officer made no attempt to catch the cat, instead shooting it in the throat and telling Lienert it was up to him to clean up the mess.

Newhart took Sugar’s body to be inspected by the local vet, who reported no apparent injuries aside from the gunshot.  Showing the vet report, Newhart said:

“No lacerations, no blood, other than neck wound on body.”

Watch the report by WFMZ:

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Newhart said he would like to see the officer fired and the police chief resign, and he may get his wish.  As of January 8th, the Northampton County District Attorney is investigating the case to see if it warrants charges of animal cruelty.  Please sign the petition to urge the District Attorney send a message that this sort of cruelty will not be tolerated.

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  1. manuela aguirre ramos

    We can not allow this to continue to happen, even if a police officer has no right to hurt a defenseless animal is stray or not, then you have security? it hurts someone who will never be reliable.

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    • Ludmilla Bernal

      There is no question in my mind…it was blatant animal cruelty! There needs to be an investigation and consequences for this abhorrent behavior by someone who is suppose to protect citizens and their pets in our communities.

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  2. amy

    yes they need to be fired this needs to be pushed that is animal cruelty

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  3. maryanne

    This kind of behavior shows how out of control some cops get! This bastard should be fired asap because he is very dangerous to the public.

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  4. MaryAnne

    Fired this out of control bastard before he shoots a person! He is very dangerous and cannot be trusted to serve the public! PIG!!!

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  5. Deborah Barnett

    The officer and his trainers are a disgrace and should be brought up on charges. If civilian discharged their weapon in a residential area, when there was no threat, that civilian would be in legal trouble at the very least. This officer did just that…and actually killed a life. Time to end your career, afterall…what would he have done to an injured human?

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  6. Laurie Pinkerton

    Please don’t let this police officer get away with murder! This was someone’s pet that was loved & is missed. This animal abuse by the police must end!

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  7. Debbie Lord

    Killed a cat? Awful. Who made you the one to decide who lives or dies? You killed for fun. Be man enough to admit it! Fire him. He’s a dangerous man and reflects poorly on officers that have a heart.

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  8. Michele Tingley

    I agree with all the above comments. Call animal control and let them take care of the problem. They do not kill animals, “just for the hell of it”………………………By all means, at least a long suspension with no pay, even though I prefer he get fired!

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  9. Paulette Graves

    Officer needs to be more than fired. Animal cruelty is against the law! What a cruel heartless person. I wonder how he treats people.

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  10. Paulette Graves

    Fire him and put him in jail. It is a crime.

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  11. michele mooney

    Why on earth would anyone let alone a police officer shoot a cat????? Isn’t this an over reaction on a most lethal way? This person should no longer be carrying a weapon and most assuredly should no longer be a serving police officer. This person sounds like an out of control psycho.

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  12. Richard McGauchie

    How “brave” do you have to be to even consider this level of stupidity. I would not only make sure this disgraceful excuse for a cop not only be fired immediately but that he be charged with extreme animal cruelty and a danger to public safety. I hope that would send a message to all other “dirty harry” style cops that this kind of behaviour and complete disregard for public safety will never be tolerated. I thought the slogan was ” to protect and serve”? Obviously this gun but forgot or doesn’t believe in it. FIRE HIM immediately!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Laura Rood

    What a disgusting pig! Someone put him out of his misery! What kind of person can do such a thing. This world needs to be rid of the pieces of crap that walk this earth. Please!

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  14. Toni

    I am appalled and most of all very sympathetic to the loss of a loved pet.
    It is hard enough to lose a pet, but to the institution that is supposed to serve and protect is beyond outrageous.
    We all have opinions and for the most part we would be very much in trouble not to have servants to enforce the law.
    But the law goes both ways, and we would pay a price for doing this as a private person, so I believe this entire force needs to revise there people to the kind of people who serve and protect and if that means,
    they enforced the law like this, well then time for a change. There is a clear sense of right and wrong. We need people to lead with character integrity and honor. Again I send my deepest sympathy to your loved pet. And I am so sorry that it had to be so senseless.

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  15. Joyce Philpott

    Why wasn’t animal control called? The police officer wasn’t qualified to handle this type of situation. I guess since he had no clue on how to get the cat down he took it upon himself to shoot it and let it fall down. This is not the type of logic we should have as police officer. He used more force than what was needed. He should be charged for animal cruelty and be on suspension with NO PAY!!!

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  16. Tanya

    All the nerve!! What a stupid group of men!
    Why would you shot an innocent cat? Hissing or not, that’s their language.
    Yes, they overstepped their authority by miles.
    Animal abuse, definitely.
    RIP SUGAR, Condolences to the owner.
    Let these police learn a lesson and get some time taking care of animals with a rescue group.

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