Found lying helplessly near the road in Tampa, Florida, this odd looking creature seemed to have little hope of surviving. In fact, the baby animal was unconscious, likely from the scorching heat, when rescuer Jeff Longo scooped her up — and even Jeff thought she was dead at first.

Although the tiny animals’ species wasn’t immediately clear, Jeff gave her a closer look and figured out that she was an infant flying squirrel. He took her home and named her Biscuits.

Over the next months, Jeff took the fragile creature to work each day, feeding her with a bottle and slowly nursing her into the healthy, spunky squirrel she was meant to be. See the series of images below to watch the amazing transformation:

The Chronicle of Biscuits

Although it’s not advised to take wildlife home (a wildlife rehabilitation center is the best place for most ailing wild animals), in this case it worked out well for the flying squirrel as well as her adoptive family. She’s even best buddies with Jeff’s dogs.

Biscuits is far too tame to be released back into the wild, but that’s OK – she has a forever home with someone who meets her every need. And what a long way she’s since that fateful day on the roadside.