Smurf, an abandoned kitten who was found with his fur dyed purple and multiple puncture wounds and abrasions, has made a full recovery after two months of TLC. Smurf made headlines back in January for his story of abuse and rescue — at the time, he was just 8 weeks old.


After he was discovered in a cardboard box, Smurf was immediately taken to a San Jose, California animal shelter. He was later transported to an organization called the Nine Lives Foundation where he received medical care for his injuries. According to Veterinarian Monica Rudliger, the injuries were most likely caused by a dog. “I don’t know what happened to him, but my best guess is that he was used as a chew toy. We have a cat with multiple puncture wounds and abrasions.” The injuries were consistent with those found in dogfight training, leaving some to suspect Smurf was used as dogfight bait.


Smurf quickly made a friend when he arrived. Wanda, an abused, blind kitten was found outdoors in late December next to a garbage can. They seemed to take comfort with one another as soon as Smurf arrived. Now, they’re inseparable. They have both been adopted by a veterinarian who did not want to break up such a close pair of friends.

This photo shows Wanda with Smurf when he first arrived:


This photo shows Wanda and Smurf today, both happy and healthy:


Rudliger stresses that Smurf’s story is all too common, and that individuals need to be aware of other animals that need our help in situations like this. “I appreciate the exposure but I hope the message is long-lasting that animal cruelty is real and this is just one guy who’s experienced it,” she told CNN.