Warning: Cuteness overload! These baby sloths are residents of the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, a sanctuary for rescued rainforest animals. The sloths share the sanctuary with macaws, owls and other animals — including, of course, toucans.

Because the baby sloths’ mothers have died (they may have been killed by dogs, run over by cars, etc.), they have no parental figure around to show them how to climb. So to mimic the swaying of trees in the wild, sanctuary workers set rocking chairs out for the baby sloths to slowly (very slowly) climb up. And the results are as captivating as they are adorable.

“We’d all like to spend more time resting and snoozing, so the sloth is a strangely aspirational animal,” British zoologist and photographer Lucy Cooke told The Mirror. “We could all do with slowing down, it would be better for us and the planet,”